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Stair Remodel Ideas

Stair Remodel Treads Ideas

The treads play important roles and stair remodel should include them to make sure about well kept decor and safety for everyone. There are best stair covering options to choose from no matter what design and style of your stairs. Circular or spiral staircases, you can always find best carpets for the treads. Stair coverings depend on your home decor. Best ideas are not merely about beauty but also safety […]

Stair Lift Chair Designs

Medical Stair Lift Chair Offerings

Stair lift chair for medical treatment gives you offerings in providing easy to climb up and down the stairs to handicapped and elders. Electric type is most considerable type with many good offerings such as easy to install and indeed quite practical to use. The prices are ranging based on the design and style that optional according to your preferences and needs. Stair lifts for elderly can do a great […]

Best Stair Loft Bed

Custom Stair Loft Bed Plans

Stair loft bed is popular for kids’ room. Custom plans can be applied to make interesting space with affordable prices for better designs. Well, loft bed can also create a dangerous thing that might happen to your kids. This means that safety is important to put in mind to make sure anything unwanted not to happen at all. There are some considerations to put in mind such as bed type, […]

Iron Stair Railing Photo

Best Iron Stair Railing Ideas

Iron stair railing just like what is pictured shows progress. It significantly features clean straight lines at high value of beauty and elegance. The Lucid external wrought iron railing style features clean straight lines as I said. A very solid statement is made by Rosemont style. Each line and each this unusual wrought iron handrail element was wrought individually. They also assembled to create this unique railing. The staircase handrail infinity […]

Glass Stair Railing Modern

Elegant Glass Stair Railing

Glass stair railing is looking shiny and sleek with modern design and style. It is for certain in featuring good quality of home stair especially indoor. Handrails for stairs play roles as safety value that indeed can be very decorative in featuring good home design. A staircase is the home centerpiece. It does serve a function as a large architectural feature while also significantly contributes to the home’s style in […]

Indoor Stair Railing Iron

All about Indoor Stair Railing Styles

Indoor stair railing is available in different styles. You can choose one that meets your personality and home stair decor. It can give everyone a focus to see each time inside of your home. It is always better to appreciate how the railing is made. Wood and metal are available to choose from depending on what you really want to pour into home spaces. You can see the pictures to […]

Baby Gates For Stairs Idea

Baby Gates for Stairs Ideas

Baby gates for stairs seem have an endless array design of choices. Different child gates are meant for only one purpose which is about safety. Well, choosing the right one shall make optimal value to protect your baby. There are many parents do not realize about the importance of a baby gate that should properly be installed. A lot of toddlers and babies are injured or even killed in each […]

Vintage Wheelchair Stair Climber

Innovative Wheelchair Stair Climber

Wheelchair stair climber offers easy way to climb up and down the stairs with innovative design to specially help the handicapped. You can simply convert your wheelchair into a design of mobile stair wheelchair. I recommend you to choose Scalamobil. The product is with a battery operated that easy as portable stair climber to be attached to most wheelchairs manually. This device is amazingly innovative to allow you in ascending […]

Interior Stair Railing Picture

Modern Interior Stair Railing Kits

Interior stair railing with modern kits is optional. Different materials like wrought iron and aluminum are popular metal that strong and durable. Metal stair railings for interior have been already well proven to be quite interesting in quality. Hand railings are reliable to support high trafficked stairs. Handrail for stairs made of metal are always best both for interior and exterior home. Durability and functionality are yours to decide. Find […]

Curved Stairs Picture

Curved Stairs Designs Ideas

It is going to be amusing in having curved stairs. The designs and ideas can be seen on our picture gallery for your inspiring references. Are you planning on home remodeling for a significant improvement? Making over the stairs will be a great way. It will cost you some cash but for certain to give most interesting quality. Curved stair designs are probably most intriguing among the available options. Metal […]